Floating Lotus Brewery Brewers Spent Grains (BSG) Program:

       Spent brewing ingredients are an excellent source of valuable nutrients for all kinds of livestock, as well as composting worms and microbes.  For this reason these ingredients are often collected and sold to farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and soil building initiatives.
       Here at the Floating Lotus we believe in giving back to the community and supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and composting efforts.  This is why we are offering these ingredients to the public free of charge.  Just come on by and help yourself!
        Our recovered materials may contain the following:
  • Barley, rice, corn, oats, wheat, rice hulls, yeast, hop particulate, orange peel
        Check out these resources to learn more about BSG, livestock, and composting:
        It is the sole responsibility of the customer to research responsible uses of these ingredients for their particular application.  Our spent grains should not be used as a sole source of feed for livestock.  Excessive consumption of grain hulls may cause bloating and other digestive or nutritional issues.  Horses can be particularly sensitive to changes in their diet, and should consume BSG sparingly as a snack. Floating Lotus Brewery LLC and its members are not legally liable for what happens with our BSG after it leaves our premises.  Use our BSGs at your own risk.
        For more information you may contact us at FloatingLotusBrewery@Gmail.com
Brewers spent grains do not contain alcohol.

The Floating Lotus is currently in production. We are located at 144 Campbell Lane, behind the Kind Castle.  BSGs are being left out on the dock in blue totes. Please bring your own bags/ containers and take as much as you want.  We'll see you all very soon!